Frequently Asked Questions

What is included ?
Your hunting privileges and your lodging is included in our rate.

What do I need to bring ?
Please bring your own archery, shotgun and muzzle load equipment and ammunition.
A valid hunting license. Click Here for more information.
A sleeping bag, pillow, towels, wash cloths and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, etc.

Can I cook in the cabin ?
Absolutely, each cabin offers a modest kitchen with hot running water, refrigeration,etc. as well as the necessities for cooking and dining. We provide paper products for the cabins.

Can I bring my Mule or Four Wheeler ?
You are encouraged to bring your machine if you have one. We have one that we use to support operations … getting folks to their stands, hauling monster bucks, etc. however the machine is not at your personal disposal.

Can I take a hot shower ?
Yes, all cabins offer hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing.

Is there cable tv ? Is there an internet connection in the cabins ? Is there a phone in the cabins ?
No. No. No. Sounding better all the time … right !!!!

When can I arrive ?
Hunts are typically (6) full days with you arriving on Saturday afternoon … the balance of the day Saturday will be left to getting aquainted with your cabin, the property, etc. You will hunt Sunday through Friday. We ask that you depart by 8:00 am the following Saturday or Friday evening after your hunt. This gives us a chance to clean things us for the next group if we need the cabin.

Is my deposit refundable ? What are your policies surrounding it ?
We will hold your reservation on a verbal commitment for two weeks. That gives you plenty of time to mail a deposit check to us that we will cash upon reciept. The deposit is non-refundable. The balance of the booking is due once you arrive.

What are the rules and regulations regarding deer hunting in that part of Ohio ?
Rules and regulations are routinely changing. It is your responsibility to be abreast of the laws. We will follow all of the rules as we understand them and expect you to do the same while on our properties. Infractions of the law will be reported to the Fish and Wildlife authorities. This helps insure the safety of all hunters and the preservation of our natural resources. Click the link above under “What do I need to bring ?” for more information about the hunting regulations in our area.

How does the youth hunt work ?
There is a two day shotgun season for young people each year that we support. One adult can join a young person and archery hunt during this time period for free ! We love to have young folks join us ! They represent the future of our hunting rights and the preservation of our natural resources … we welcome them ! Youth must be 16 or younger and accompanied by an adult.

Are there restaurants and stores nearby ?
Yes , within a twenty minute drive of our land there is a town with a variety of dining choices. There is a grocery if you intend to prepare your own meals and want to pick everything up when you get here you certainly have that option.

Do I have to process my own kill ?
We offer the facilities for you to dress your kill and are here to help. If you would like us to take the job over … we have team members who are skilled at dressing for a modest fee. Don’t forget to bring your coolers to pack the meat in for the trip home.

Will I be hunting property that someone hunted the prior day ?
Our goal is to not have groups arrive back to back during archery season. This gives the property a chance to settle for a week before your group arrives. This helps insure a better hunting experience for all. Our goal is to have our guests return year after year … with that in mind … your hunting experience is the most critical element of our operation.

How many properties are there ?
We have over 1000 acres of hunting land available to us. We have (9) cabins that are located on these properties. In addition we have three properties w/o cabins. You will be hunting the property adjacent to your cabin in most cases.

How large of a group can you accommodate ?
In individual cabins we can accommodate groups of 2 to 4 guests.

What will I be hunting from ?
We have box stands and big game tree stands for each individual to hunt from. If you like, you can bring your own tree stand and set it up in a different location.

Can we do laundry on site ?
No, we do not have laundry facilities for you to use while with us.